December 7, 2021

What is an MSP? How Can it Help Your Business?

What is an MSP How Can it Help Your Business

Let’s get back to basics and tackle a few common questions. What is an MSP? How Can it Help Your Business? MSP stands for ‘managed service provider’. It is the outsourcing of services to specialist companies. Outsourcing is a great cost-cutting move. Let’s go and see why MSP’s can be an advantage for your company.

What can an MSP or Managed Service Provider do?

MSP is outsourced IT Services, this means you are handing over the reins of your IT System to a team outside of your office. Here’s what MSP’s can do–

✅ Manage IT infrastructure

✅ Add cybersecurity hardening to your IT systems

✅ Offer technical support to your team.

✅ Manage user access on systems

✅ Offer fully managed system outsourcing

MSPs do also offer remote storage, servers and can provide SaaS (Software-as-a-Service). MSPs can supply hard-to-find IT skills and expertise to prevent problems that may happen on a client’s system or give assistance to users.


Benefits of MSPs or Managed Service Providers

There’s a lot! Not only will MSPs make your IT Support System better, you get to cut costs too–

☑️ Fill in for in-house staff if there are shortages

☑️ Cover for in-office disasters

☑️ Data backup management to prevent data loss

☑️ Scalable, adding on resources little by little or temporarily

☑️ No need to compete for limited qualified IT experts

☑️ Allows staff of highly-qualified people to be available to everyone

☑️ No need for an office for your IT Team

An MSP can be a replacement for your IT department entirely or provide a service in a specific niche. Like technology, MSPs continue to evolve and can provide their skills anywhere around the world, this means everyone gets amazing and cutting-edge technology, at a very low price.

The Tools that MSPs Use

An MSP can provide the right know-how and resolution to their customers, but gone are the days of simple phone support. MSPs use specialized software to make it all happen.

RMM or Remote Monitoring and Management is a set of tools that allows an MSP to maintain your IT system even if the technician is offsite. They can automate processes, do remote assistance, make remote installs or updates. They can also use these tools internally to connect to the MSPs bank of techs making sure the problem is looked at by a lot of specialists. RMMs also include automated processes that monitor tasks, such as system updates and network performance.

PSA or Professional services automation is another set of tools in the MSPs arsenal. The MSP can use this set of tools to supervise in-house employees and service the clients’ staff. PSA’s can oversee the distribution of work to techs, record the time spent, and the resources that were used. All these data will then flow through to billing.



The movement of more work into the remote field has brought MSPs to the forefront of IT Servicing. The ability to do nearly everything that your IT System needs without needing a physical presence is a great plus in the new normal. All these skills, all these tools by an MSP and available for a cost far lower than having a specialized IT team in your office; MSPs are here to stay and can provide the solution we need today. If you are considering outsourcing your MSP, we want to show you what Boom Logic can do for your company! Let’s talk.