December 7, 2021

What is a VDI and 7 Reasons to Consider VDI for your Company

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Imagine a computer that won’t break, won’t succumb to viruses, can be assembled in minutes, has everything your office needs, and comes with a price tag that won’t break the bank. That’s quite impossible, but we have the closest thing– a VDI, or a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.

VDI is just a fancy way of saying, “we are running a Virtual Desktop on a powerful server, either right here in the office or someplace else and you can access it from any computer.”

Is a virtual, or sometimes called “hosted”, desktop something your company should consider? It’s a great advantage to your company. Here are:

7 Reasons to Consider VDI for your Company.

1. Low Cost of Licensing. It may shock you to know that even virtual Windows needs a license. Although, licensing a VDI Windows is kind of tricky. You may end up getting a free VDI license or pay for one. The main thing to understand is, this license will be of a lower cost than actually getting a license for your desktops.

2. Low Cost of Hardware. If you are using a VDI, the applications, run on the VDI server, and not on your device. This allows older computers to extend their lifespan a bit more, saving the company on hardware upgrades. VDI can also run on thin clients, even if they are not running any OS on their own.

3. Flexibility. Your device is no longer an issue! VDI’s can accept input from any basic device. Want to run your desktop on a tablet? Sure! On your phone? Why not, just squint real good. Ever wanted to run a Windows software on your Mac? Here’s your ticket. Since everything is running on a server, all the initialization, all the requirements are taken from the server, not on your device.

4. Centralized Data and Increased Security. Since a server runs your VDI, all your data is saved in one location, making backup and redundancy less of an issue. You also get centralized security. Security on the server level.

5. Outages to the Minimum. Since the VDI is running on a server, network outages, software outages, system outages are rare. When every system is monitored from a centralized locale, it is easier to spot issues and cut them at the root.

6. Quick End User Support. When a problem happens on one system, your IT team is already monitoring your system. Issues are resolved quickly. If the issue is a big one and the IT needs to further investigate to prevent it from happening in the future, the team just creates a new system with a touch of a few keys on the keyboard. You get a new system in minutes while they look into the matter and stop the mishap from ever occurring again.

7. Future Proof. Servers are amazing, powerful beasts of a machine that can run hundreds of VDIs without breaking a chip, System updates, and even upgrades are done in batches. Testing of new software can be done without creating downtime for everyone.


Note that you can run a VDI from your very own server, or you can also run a VDI through the cloud, saving you much more. The advantages for a business of using VDI– the cost, the security, the centralized management, and again, the cost (because it’s worth mentioning twice), is very hard to ignore. This technology is only getting better and the benefits are getting more and more clearer.

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