November 16, 2021

The Great Resignation and How MSPs Are Helping

The Great Resignation and How MSPs Are Helping

Saying that the Co-vid 19 pandemic has changed everyone’s lives is an understatement, and can even be deemed insulting for others. We have all been part of a very dark time in our lives.

One of the ways our Government helped us financially here in the US, was through stimulus checks, tax breaks, suspension of several payments among others. A lot of us got money for staying at home and helping in stopping the spread.

Then, about a third of the way through this year, it happened– the Great Resignation, the Big Quit. Why are people quitting their jobs?

A lot of reasons have been sighted, none, of course, explain the pattern definitely.

There are the brave ones who have made the leap from employee to small business owner during the pandemic. Opening up small food trucks and needed services allowing them financial independence.

Some just realize that they want to stay at home more. Those who missed their families, those who longed for the quiet of the home, those who have had enough of the office mayhem and cooler talks and gossip. If the office did not have a work-from-home option, then most of these employees quit.

Most of the resignations involve great thinking from the employees:

👉 Am I getting stagnant in my field?

👉 Is my career in this company going somewhere? Up or down?

👉 Am I waiting too long for that promotion?

👉 Do I have enough skills to do better somewhere else?

👉 Are all my skills being used where I am now?

👉 Can I survive a few months after leaving my work?

👉 Do I have enough saved up to start my own business?

👉 Can I run my own business a few months without relying on profit?

👉 Can I get a job that allows me to work from home?

👉 Will this work-from-home job be stable enough?

👉 Will this job have a salary that can fit my family’s needs?

👉 Am I in need of a break?

👉 Is my mental health suffering too much at this point?

👉 Am I over-worked?

👉 Why are people in my field resigning, should I resign too?

👉 Am I feeling burned out?

👉 Is my pay good enough?

👉 Are my benefits good enough?

👉 Is my company treating me and my co-workers right?

👉 Do they listen to their employees?

👉 Why am I forcing myself to stay in this company?

These are just easy questions. There are a lot more and somehow it just boils down to employees wanting better for what they have.

Indirectly. An MSP, like Boom Logic, can offer a helping hand. We know burnout and frustration can be difficult for an employee working at home, IT issues should not add any more to the problem. How many times have you wished to throw that mouse on your lagging system? How many times did you just mash that keyboard when the page just doesn’t like what you are using as a password? Did you already do it?


Very few things are more frustrating than your Desktop or Laptop just not helping you out at work. A late response time from your IT team is one of them. Since you are at home and the IT is at the office, you’ll probably be pulling out a hair or two before your system is fixed.

This is where an MSP can be of assistance. Being able to resolve your problem remotely is a great help so that you can start to cool down and get back to work. MSPs can be an advantage in any situation, even 24-7. MSPs have tools, software, and greater knowledge than your local IT. Since MSPs serve several companies at a time, they have most likely seen your computer issue elsewhere and have known a solution way beforehand, a kind of crowd experience if you may. A simple patch, a file correction, a script, or they remotely control your equipment (with your permission of course), and boom! The issue is fixed, your boiling meter goes down.

MSPs have been around way before the pandemic and are now helping everyone working at home to make better sense of their tools. Let’s face it, we are not all techies and some things are just beyond “turn off and turn back on”.

Beyond simple answers, Boom Logic has made a difference for companies whose workforce chose to stay at home. Quick fixes and long-term solutions are our keys. Delivered through family-centric customer service. If you are working at home, it’s about time you considered the only MSP worthy of your attention. Drop us a line!