October 19, 2021

How Ecommerce Makes Your Brand Bigger

How Ecommerce Makes Your Brand Bigger

No other form of media has reached more people, garnered bigger results, and benefitted more from a targeted audience, in the fastest amount of time than the internet. The internet is such an unprecedented tool for selling that everyone is still trying to figure out how much bigger it can get.

Sure, there are tons of amazing Marketplace sites out there—

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Walmart
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Google Express
  • Etsy
  • Alibaba.com

These are just the more general ones. There are even more Marketplace sites that are targeted to specific genres, a more targeted niche. Sites like Tanga.com, Bonanza, Fruugo, TopHat, have made quite a dent in the Marketplace seen as well.

Even though Marketplace sites are great, easily accessible, and do tons of their own advertising; there is still great competition from within and your product may not always be on top. You may also not benefit from the look and feel of their site as it may not always mesh with your own vision.

Remember, nothing screams “Legit” like your very own eCommerce site. Here are 6 advantages of having your own eCommerce site.

1. The Power of Search. A big chunk of buyers online will look up the product first before actually making the purchase. Here, with your own site and eCommerce, you can use the power of search to gain new customers and get them straight to your product.

2. Reach a bigger customer base. If you keep yourself hunkered down by the limits of your physical store, then you are missing out on the wonders of the internet. Your own eCommerce site allows you an infinite space to showcase your wares, unlike a physical store that is limited by your lease! You also get to target a wider range of audiences. In a mall, a store can be restrained by the clientele that frequents it. If your shops attract too many teens, seniors may not want to enter it. An eCommerce store already has one box checked in the seller’s checklist—comfort; the person is already lounging on their couches or beds and is already in the mood to buy.

3. Brand Awareness. Your own eCommerce site introduces you to the world. Sure you get your name plastered on the product in a Marketplace, but the customer will probably not remember it. Your own eCommerce site will show the world your brand, your product.

4. Your own style. Unlike Marketplace sites, with your own eCommerce site, you can design your own look, your own feel. You can run marketing campaigns that showcase you. You can email potential customers. An own eCommerce site will let you know more about your market and get you to a better product.

5. Instant automation and POS integration. From the cart, the checkout, the purchase, and to the shipping, your eCommerce site loves the numbers and keeps track of everything flawlessly. Inventory and books, check!

6. Open 24/7. Now, that’s something you can’t do even with tons of employees. An eCommerce site lets you open shop all day – all night, and with less employees to boot. Instant savings right there.

An eCommerce website definitely enhances the power of your physical store and gives you more flexibility than simply connecting to a Marketplace site. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination and your want to reach a greater audience with your product.

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