October 27, 2021

What is Cloud Computing and How Can it Help My Business?

What is Cloud Computing and How Can it Help My Business

Networking and computers go a long way back. Starting in the late 1960s, there were already visionaries that dreamed they could connect computers so that they can “talk to one another”.


Fast forward to the new millennium and the internet. Every fiber of our daily lives has this technology—laptops, desktops, phones, IOTs, gaming devices, cctv cameras, among others. If it’s got circuits and microchips in it, someone is trying to connect that to the internet!

Most recently, we have been bombarded with the term “Cloud Computing.” It’s a term most of us first heard when a Google big-wig mentioned it in a tech conference, saying that everything should all be “in a cloud somewhere.” Some even call it a rebranding of the internet, and Internet 2.0.

It’s still a major debate in the IT community. No true definition of the term has been accepted. What we know for a fact is that the trend of cloud computing is getting bigger and everyone can benefit from it.

Let’s make a simple definition then. Cloud Computing is a collection of hardware that uses a network to provide service. Anything from an app that works online, a storage online, a computational model online, a virtual machine, a virtual server, web hosting, a program suite, can be considered as cloud computing. You’ve probably been using it without knowing it. But is it a good tool for your business?

Let’s hammer in a point. Here are 8 reasons to use cloud services for your business.

1. Ease of access. The internet allows us to access anything and everything we have on the cloud.

2. Great degree of collaboration. We can easily work with everyone and anyone around the globe through cloud apps that allow for multiple users.

3. Scalability. If you grow, the cloud is ready for you, if you want to keep your business model to a minimum, that’s not going to be a problem for the cloud.

4. Unlimited Storage. Theoretically, it’s limited to a certain number, but the idea that you will never run out of space for your data or your back-ups, amazing.

5. Automated back-up and redundancy. Your data and files are assuredly stored in multiple locations, making completely deleting them a moot point.

6. Low Cost. Considering what the cloud can do for your business—interoperability, multiple back-ups, virtual environments, and workstations, it costs significantly less than if you were to set up these services locally. Also, the cloud allows you to throttle back on your devices, you don’t really need to purchase the most advanced configuration anymore, unless absolutely necessary.

7. Enterprise-level security. You are not their only customer, this means that companies that provide cloud services are keen to their security measures to a fault. They want everything running in perfect condition, they know many depend on them.

8. Business Continuity. We hope it never happens, but the cloud would help our businesses if it does. Hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, mother nature at her worst. The cloud can protect our business by storing every last detail of it in multiple locations so we can get back up after our worldly trials.

Cloud computing is an avenue that your business must look into, not only does it cost less, it makes use of current technology to make our enterprise lives easier and worry-free. If your company wants to be a part of the cloud computing revolution but does not know where to start or how; contact us at Boom Logic so we can introduce you to this amazing new world of cloud computing.