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More Info - FAQs

I am an existing client and need help, what should I do?

If you are an existing client, you have two simple ways to get a hold of our techs (in order of efficiency and preference):

  1. Send an email
  2. Call toll free833-BOOM-338 (option 1)

If it’s an emergency and you need to get a hold of us right away, please ask the receptionist to patch you through after you have passed along the information needed for us to proceed. As long as it’s within the hours of 8AM and 6PM, Monday – Friday, you will be able to speak to one us right away.

If it’s after-hours, we will still receive the trouble ticket and will reach back out to you as soon as we humanly can.

What types of support are available to me from Boom! Logic?

Boom! Logic works in one of the following three ways with its clients:



A one to five-year contract is entered into with the client. Pricing is based on length of contract, volume of work (based on an initial assessment), plus any special requests from the client.  While approximation of this amount is hard without an initial assessment, the best estimate can be roughly arrived to by multiplying $80 by the number of end-points.  Of course, the more end-points you have, the less you will pay per end-point.  Depending on the quantity, the per-end-point price could drop drown to as low as $50.  However, please keep in mind that each client’s needs are unique and pricing can vary dramatically in either direction depending on many variables.


  1. Network infrastructure (includes any and all modems, routers and switches) = 2 end-points*
    1. * For Layer 3 and enterprise level equipment, add 1 end-point each
  2. Computers = 1 end-point each
  3. Servers = 2 end-points each
  4. Any specialized equipment = depends on equipment; initial assessment will be necessary
  5. VoIP Office Phones = 0 end-points
    1. While many other managed IT service providers will count VoIP Office Phones as end-points as well, Boom! Logic does NOT, as long as it’s part of a plan that includes all other equipment mentioned above.  Enjoy!  🙂



  1. Business Hours: Standard rate = $150 / hr
  2. After-Hours: Standard rate = $200 / hr
  3. Travel Time: One-way travel is normally added to the total billable time.  This can be waived in some circumstances.  Just talk to us!  We’ll figure it out.  😉
  4. Want to reduce the rate and know exactly how much the project at hand is going to cost you? See “Project-based” pricing below.



If you have a clear vision and an IT implementation plan (we are available for consultation), we can negotiate an all-inclusive, flat rate for the entire project. This helps avoid unforeseen and runaway costs.

I want all my IT problems to go away! How do I become a new Boom! Logic client?

We’re glad you are this close to making a great decision! 🙂

It starts with the first step. Please feel free to call us at 833-BOOM-338 (option 2). You can also email us at Either way, we will start chatting and getting to know each other very soon!

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